......... 2004 Alpha-Rants

Our Rant for the Week of 12-25-04

Pages 75-76, air tactics
Chris explains the action of the page for you, air tactics are
discussed as is the art.

8 page submissions = disappointment?
Artists giving up after 8 pages are rejected? We talk about the
benifits of having content before being published.

Our Rant for the Week of 12-15-04

Pages 73-74, air tactics and our business plans
We discuss air tactics and our current business plans

Super Heroes, comics and the comic industry
No money in comics?! Bull.

Email questions. A ton of questions answered...
A wide range of Alpha-Shade related questions

Our Rant for the Week of 12-1-04

General A-S Page 72, T-Shirts etc
Page 72-T-shirts and the rest of chapter one

You've been Serbed! - Forum Quarbles
We talk about why we love people telling us
how to run our forums

Email Questions
An Alpha Shade review
Why we picked the name alpha shade
Programs and shading tips for starting a webcomic
3d modeling and webcomics

Our Rant for the Week of 11-20-04

General A-S Page 71

Email questions - Part One

Email questions - Part Two

Our Rant for the Week of 11-1-04

General A-S Pages 69-70

Email questions answered

Comic reviews - Part One

Comic reviews - Part Two

Our Rant for the Week of 10-4-04

General A-S, Vote? Page 68

Super Song - Digital Webbing

Webcomic Review = Vendetta

Flavor vs. Herd Metality

Movie review = Bourne Supremacy

Our Rant for the Week of 9-26-04

General A-S - Pages 61- 62

General A-S - Pages 63 - 67

Sky Commander - Yamato - Dubbing

The Territories

Chris Does a dramatic receration of Stephen King's
"The Talisman"

Our Rant for the Week of 8-08-04

General A-S - Pages 61-62

General A-S - Mangaichiba / T-Shirts

Ghost in the Shell /Spiderman2 /Critters and Trains

PVP vs. Syndicates/PC games on the decline?

Uniform designs, Paneling tips, Coke

Our Rant for the Week of 7-19-04

General A-S - Pages 58-59-60

Altermeta review-Encouraging words

Filler Pages/Pens & Pencils/Playtime

Emails Answered

Our Rant for the Week of 6-26-04

General A-S -- page 57

Web Comic Choice Awards/Publishing/
A-S debuts in Japanese
A-S is Nominated in Five Categories
Offers of publication
First 12 pages of translated A-S up at Mangaichiba

Ups and Downs and All Arounds

Emails/Ads/Guardians Web Comic Review

Our Rant for the Week of 6-16-04

General A-S -- page 56 - 57

Thinking about starting your own Graphic Novel?

Things to concider : Goals

Vote Icon - Linkage Requirements - Flyers - SCIENCE

Email Questions answered

Our Rant for the Week of 6-01-04

General A-S -- page 54

Email Questions Part 1

Email Questions Part 2

Our Rant for the Week of 5-19-04

What YOU need to do

General A-S

Tech TV + G4 = SCREAMING + Movie Speculations

Our Rant for the Week of 4-26-04

General A-S, New Server etc.

The Webcomic Industry

Sarcasm Primer

IMPROVE! Chris's new Webcomic

Our Rant for the Week of 4-18-04

General A-S, New Server etc.

Naussica / Speed limits

Filler Images / Gallery

EVA / Anime Plots?

Our Rant for the Week of 4-9-04

General A-S, Page 48

Hellboy review

Our Rant for the Week of 3-15-04

General A-S, MacHall ad

AS-Store, Art vs. Story

Drunk Duck rating system

Our Rant for the Week of 3-10-04

General Alpha-Shade

Corporate Conundrums?

Our Rant for the Week of 3-1-04

General A-S + No Brand Con
Page 43

A-S hosted html site, Why?

Pencils - Now with erasers!?

Our Rant for the Week of 2-14-04

General A-S - 14:50
Page 40

Cats, Busy vs. Sick etc- 17:52

Our Rant for the Week of 2-1-04
General A-S - 19:03
Page 39

Socks first THEN shoes- 16:35
Tokyo Cab Driver starts anew!?
MegaTokyo - Chapter 4 ends
Light Bulb Demon
Artists who can write their OWN stories!!?

Appleseed etc. - 25:20

New Appleseed Movie!
Plus a general discussion about
anime and movies

What is Anime? - 13:42
What is Anime and why can't the U.S. do it?

Our Rant for the Week of 1-23-04

General A-S - 21:35

Email Question - 15:33
Character Design
plus - Stats pt1

Updating / Advertising etc - 22:01

Backgrounds / Scripting - 8:08


Our Rant for the Week of 1-10-04

General A-S - 14:00

Megatokyo- 11:48
Why do people have a problem with Piro?

Downloads - 6:53
The Music Industry and Downloads

Scripts Blowin' in the wind - 10:05